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Added by Marcus Howarth

The Council is proposing to introduce a traffic management scheme in Plough Lane junction with Collyer Avenue and Queenswood Avenue. We are proposing these measures in response to concerns raised by local residents in the area, ward councillors about traffic speed, noise, pollution, cut through traffic and road safety at the above mentioned junctions. 

What is proposed?

 The following measures are proposed: 

  1. No entry points at the junctions with Collyer Avenue and Queenswood Avenue preventing access from Plough Lane. These measures also include mandatory cycle lanes at Collyer Avenue & Queenswood Avenue junction with Plough Lane
  2. New waiting restrictions in Collyer Avenue and Queenswood Avenue junction with Plough Lane.

What is the aim of the measures?

These measures aim to

  • Reduce risk of personal injury accidents and provide a safer environment for all road users.
  • Reduce traffic conflicts, improve traffic flow, safety and congestion at junctions
  • To discourage of obstructive parking 
  • To encourage active travel
  • Provision of cycle facilities
  • To enhance inclusiveness particularly for the vulnerable users

From the 2023/24 and indicative 2024/25 programmes: (A) / Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee

Appendix 7 b) - this is getting (£ ,000's )

  • 23/24 Funding Staff 12 Project 28 Total 40
  • 24/25 Funding Staff 10 Project 20 Total 30

Perceived safety issues raised that vehicles are not stopping at the

existing zebra because vehicles are rat running to avoid Croydon

Road/A232 (red route). The zebra is located on a link between the two

roads being used for rat running so drivers are looking for the next road

entrance rather than at the zebra. The proposal is considering measures

to address through traffic issues - initial locations being investigated are

the junctions of Queenswood Avenue/Plough Lane and Collyer

Ave/Plough Lane (subject to consultation).

The proposal also includes consideration of a parallel low traffic cycle

route along Queenswood & Collyers Road as an alternative to the A232

Croydon Road which currently has no cycle facilities along the parallel

stretch. Cyclists using this quiet alternative link will be able to re-join the

A232 Croydon Road via Aldwick Rd which connects to the existing

Croydon Rd cycle facility. This element of the scheme could be moved to

the Cycle Network Development/Borough Cycling Fund.


February 3rd, 2023


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